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LIQUI MOLY - MoS2 Anti-Friction Treatment

Liqui Moly

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MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment ensures immediate friction and wear reduction, adds an extremely protective and pressure-resistant boundary layer with low friction and lubricates during cold starts to prevent damage from lack of oil. Contributes to lower fuel consumption, longer engine life and less noise. Specifically designed for older engine designs with or without a turbocharger.

For all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, with or without turbochargers. Miscible with most commercially available motor oils. Safe for use with catalytic converters and particulate filters (GPF/DPF). Not suitable for the use with wet clutches! Contents (300 mL) is sufficient for 3–6 Liters (0.8 gal. to 1.6 gal.) motor oil. Shake well before use.

Contents (300 mL) is sufficient for 3–6 Liters (0.8 gal. to 1.6 gal.) motor oil. Ideal mixing ratio is at around 5% (50 mL per liter of oil). The product is self mixing and can be added at any time. Shake well before use.

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