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JHM Tuning - B6/B7 S4 4.2 V8


If you are looking for the ultimate in tuning for your B6/B7 S4 whether it is an Automatic or Manual transmission, you are in the right place. JHM has tested this software to run the 1/4 mile in 12.97 @ 109.1 MPH and have had several customers consistently running in the low 13 second range.

Why is JHM's tuning the BEST for your B6 or B7 S4? Their tuning is specifically designed for an aftermarket exhaust. It isn't just another "cookie cutter" piece of software that will work on a stock car, thus limiting its abilities.

The minimum required for your exhaust system:

  • Downpipes: Piggie downpipes are good. Aftermarket 2.5 inch downpipes are better. We highly recommend the JHM Longtube Headers as the best possible setup.
  • Cat-back: You must at least have a high-flow, dual 2.5 inch cat-back with an X-pipe. We recommend the Fast Intentions 2.5" catback exhaust system. NGP can also fabricate full exhaust systems if desired (please contact us for more information).


When you place your order for JHM Tuning, please specify your year, body type, octane, transmission type, and flashing method by using the drop down boxes above.

For Flashing Method, select "Flash Myself, Cable Purchase Required" if you're going to be buying a cable from us and flashing your car on your own. Make sure you have THOROUGHLY read through the instructions and are confident that you can set your computer up correctly. If you select this option for your tune, you must select a shipping method for your order so we can ship you a JHM-APR Cheetah Flashing Cable. Please select a shipping method once you've added this product to your cart. Instructions for installing the flashing software on your computer will be emailed to you after purchase.

If you already have a JHM-APR Cheetah Cable, select "I already have a JHM-APR Cheetah flashing cable." **NOTE: This is a proprietary cable manufactured by APR with drivers specific to our Flashing Software so you must make sure that you have a JHM-APR Cheetah cable, NOT just a generic USB Vag Com cable.** After receiving your paid order, we will send you an authorization form which we will use to create your JHM Tuning Flash Browser account and login information. This is the information you will use to access the JHM server and flash your car with the JHM-APR Cheetah Cable that you already have.

Requirements for Tuning Software:

  • Windows computer with at least 1 USB (Universal Serial Bus) port
  • Wired Broadband Internet Connection (wireless can be unreliable)
  • JHM Flashing Cable (Flash cable length cannot extend beyond 10 ft long unless a powered USB hub is installed in-line.
  • Battery Charger or equivalent power source capable of sustaining a 40 amp charge

You can download and view the instructions here to determine whether or not this is something you would like to do.

If you would like to get tuned at one of our shops, please contact us to schedule an appointment! 

Please do not ship us your ECU without first contacting us. This software will overwrite any existing ECU software already on your ECU.


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