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Integrated Engineering FSI/TSI Coilpack Adapter kit for 1.8T Vehicles

Integrated Engineering

NGP Spring Sale special. Save 15% with purchase of complete set of coilpacks! Savings discounted from coilpack option above.

With these adapters from Integrated Engineering, you can update your 1.8T vehicle to the latest FSI/TSI Coilpack design.

The stock coilpacks in 1.8T engines are prone to failing, often only months after being replaced. This can cause lower fuel economy, bad idling, and a drop in performance.

By upgrading to the newer FSI/TSI coilpacks, you can eliminate these problems and even gain some power. The FSI/TSI coilpacks can help your spark plugs to produce a "hotter" spark, which leads to better fuel economy, engine idling, and even improved performance.

This kit includes all hardware needed to install your new coilpacks. Simply disconnect and remove your old coilpacks, install the spacers onto the new coilpacks and you're good to go! It's that simple.

Please note: If you have an early 1.8T car, you will need an adapter harness (which you can find here) in order to connect the FSI/TSI coilpacks to your stock harness.

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