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Integrated Engineering Carbon Fiber Intake System For Audi C7/C7.5 RS7

Integrated Engineering

This intake will also fit Audi C7/C7.5 S6 and S7 models equipped with RS7 or larger turbochargers.


To match and exceed the high-end fit and finish of your flagship Audi C7 RS7, the Integrated Engineering intake system has been engineered without sacrifices, compromises, or shortcuts. Only the best materials and design features have been chosen to set the benchmark of 4.0TT intakes. Install easy power, torque, and sound that will completely transform your driving experience.


  • High-gloss true carbon fiber construction
  • Integrated carbon velocity stack
  • 5.5" engine specific pleated cotton filter
  • Full carbon twin inlet pipe
  • Factory-style mounting
  • Stainless hardware
  • Powder-coated aluminum bottom plate
  • Multi-ply silicone with stop-flat edges
  • Stainless laser-etched logo plate

The complete airbox assembly houses the Integrated Engineering 5.5" high-flow filter, aluminum bottom plate, carbon velocity stack/inlet pipe, stainless hardware, and mounting provisions for a complete bolt-in solution.

Carbon fiber can be manipulated into almost limitless shapes allowing IE's engineers to utilize every millimeter of space within the tight factory engine bay. The unique architecture and contours allow for a larger internal volume and smoothed airflow while simultaneously shielding it from radiant engine bay heat.

In order to gain the highest flow possible, the velocity stack transitions airflow from the large surface area of the air filter and smooths its travel to the inlet pipes. This clean reduction accelerates the airflow into very high inertia while reducing power-robbing drag and turbulence.

Upgrading to IE's performance intake system will unleash a symphony of eight-cylinder engine and turbo sound that will make the throttle more addictive than ever. You own a twin turbocharged 4.0L V8 powerhouse -LET IT ROAR!

Flow rate testing is performed to validate the design against the restrictive stock airbox. Using their in-house Superflow bench, the maximum possible flow rate in CFM (cubic feet per minute) is measured in gains over stock at a variety of test pressures (-in. H20). A higher flow reading means the intake system can support increased demands from ECU tunes and turbocharger upgrades.

The front inlet connects to the grill and receives a constant supply of ram air. Additionally, the aluminum bottom plate allows for an endless supply of low-pressure air pulled from beneath the intake. These two avenues ensure the air filter has a complete and unrestricted supply of low-temperature airflow for any power goal.

To ensure a perfect fit, 3D scanning tools are used to create a digital duplicate of the vehicle's engine bay, grille, bumper, and hood. This provides an incredibly high-resolution environment to reverse engineer and prototype the intake design. This not only allows engineers to take advantage of all available space but also results in a perfect and extremely high-end install.

Your new IE intake system installs with factory-style mounts that ensure a perfect fit without any modification or hassles. The process is simple and can be done with basic tools.



  • 2012-2018 Audi C7/C7.5 S6 With RS7 or larger turbos installed
  • 2012-2018 Audi C7/C7.5 S7 With RS7 or larger turbos installed
  • 2012-2018 Audi C7/C7.5 RS7

Please note that this intake will not fit an S6 or S7 equipped with factory turbochargers.

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