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Integrated Engineering 1.8T Transverse Intake Manifold

Integrated Engineering

Have a transverse 1.8T and want a high performance, CAD designed, customizable intake that looks good as well? Integrated Engineering has you covered with their newly designed transverse 1.8T intake manifold.

Intake Design:

Features a highly advanced CAD developed plenum, designed from the ground up for the 1.8T engine. The 3.75 liter volume was specifically tailored to the 1.8T engine to ensure complete cylinder loading at all times. The plenum's shape was also extensively engineered to ensure low turbulence as well as even airflow distribution to all cylinders.

The intake runners and bellmouth are designed with a unique shape in order to increase airflow to the intake ports. Thousands of hours were spent performing various CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations to ensure that the best possible length, width, and shape were used so that the highest  amount of airflow along with the best possible air velocity and swirling effects are applied at all times. This ensures that no matter what position the throttle is currently in, you will always have the proper airflow you need.

Need to design or install a custom intercooler/ turbo piping setup? The plenum on Integrated Engineering's manifold is flippable, so you can route your piping the way that you need it.


Using a larger throttle body? Need some more vacuum ports? Have a custom fueling setup? Integrated Engineering has you covered with a complete line of accessories for your manifold including:

  • *Throttle body spacers/adaptors
  • *Vacuum manifold
  • *Billet fuel rail
  • *Phenolic transition spacer
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