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Fuchs Maintain Fricofin V - G13 Coolant - Pink / Violet 1 Liter


Fuchs Maintain Fricofin V G13 Coolant - Pink/ Violet - compatible with older (G12) pure pink color - 1 Liter bottle. This is a quality coolant for use in VW and Audi vehicles originally equipped with the newest (post 1997) G12/G12+/G13 mix of coolant . Although this G13 coolant is listed as a "lifetime" coolant by VW and Audi, we HIGHLY recommend changing this every 3-4 years or so, as it is always best to ensure that you have the proper mix of coolant in your car for proper performance under stressful situations. Whether that's at the track or in traffic, know that your coolant is up to date! NOT for use in cars before 1997 equipped with G11 (Blue) coolant without a COMPLETE flush of the radiator, block and heater core.

Fuchs Maintain Fricofin is an antifreeze coolant concentrate based on mono ethylene glycol. It is free of nitrite, amine and phosphate. Due to its additive composition MAINTAIN FRICOFIN belongs to the hybrid type coolants.

Provides outstanding protection against deposits, cavitation and corrosion.

Main application

Universal use in both passenger car and heavy duty engines, where a silicate containing coolant is recommended.  Excellent for use in engines, cylinder heads and radiators made of various alloys.

Tech Notes:

MAINTAIN FRICOFIN must be diluted with water. MAINTAIN FRICOFIN can be mixed with distilled, fully demineralised, or tap water to a concentration range of 35% to 50% by volume.

Always follow manufacturers’ recommendations for drain intervals.

This product is recommended for use in combustion engines only.

Contains bittering agent.


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