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Eurosport Acc VW 4 Cylinder Oil Cooler Kit


Eurosport uses a stacked-plate element oil cooler designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency with a minimum oil pressure drop. Made from aerospace quality aluminum which measure only 1½" thick for easy installation. Euro Sport oil cooler kits are supplied with your choice of oil cooler element, choice of a standard Non-Thermostatic sandwich adapter (7180) or thermostatic sandwich adapter (901005), seven feet of high pressure rubber hose, stainless steel hose clamps, push on fittings and mounting ties.

Thermostatic adapter opens at approximately 180F and is recommended for areas with a colder climate.

Large - Heavy Duty Oil Cooler Kit (1.5" X 8" X 11")
Medium - Medium Duty Oil Cooler Kit (1.5" X 5.75" X 11")
Small - Normal Duty Oil Cooler Kit (1.5" X 3" X 11")

These kits fits all 4cyl VW 's Mk1 through Mk4 including 1.8T. NOT for VR6, FSI, or TSI cars.

Note: Non-Thermostatic includes NEW CNC SKU: 7180.
Thermostatic includes SKU: 901005

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