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Eurosport Acc. Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel - 228mm 12v VR6


-Corrado VR6
-Mk3 VR6 94-99
-Mk4 VR6 12v 99-02 (must use Mk3 VR6 type clutch)

The Euro Sport Aluminum flywheel is essential for any VW enthusiast who desires a faster revving engine. The Euro Sport aluminum flywheel, which weighs in at 7.5 lbs., is much lighter than the heavy OEM unit that tips the scales at 18 lbs. What this means to you is that by utilizing the Euro Sport aluminum flywheel, you'll have less rotating mass, which directly translates into more useable horsepower. And since our aluminum flywheel is lighter than OEM, it will help extend engine life, due to less stress on your engine's main bearings. Eurosport flywheels are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and utilize a 1050 high carbon steel friction plate. Eurosport then finalizes the flywheel with a CSS (constant surface speed) process that results in a finish that is second to none. Euro Sport aluminum flywheels come in a blue anodized finish.

Please Note: Some vehicles will have increased noise from the transmission / throw-out bearing when using a lightweight flywheel. This is normal and not predictable from vehicle to vehicle. (some are louder than others)

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