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CTS Turbo - Mk5 R32 / B6 Passat / CC 3.6 - Intake System

CTS Turbo

NGP is proud to announce CTS' new air intake system for the MK5 R32. The OEM air scoop works in conjunction with the CTS sealed airbox to seamlesly force cold air into our air intake system. Air then flows through the high flow cone air filter, which utilizes an inverted cone design for maximum engine breathing. The high quality silicone hoses fit seamlessly with the OEM MAF flange allowing for smooth entry of cold air into the the engine providing peak power gains ranging from 9-15HP. All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race inspired sound.

B7/NMS Passat 3.6L Fitment Note:

While this intake can be installed to the B7 Passat, some modification to the vehicle and intake is required due to some differences between the B7 and B6 vehicles. Since we have not done these modifications ourselves, we do not have the documentation on hand to make those recommendations to you. This intake cannot be returned if you attempt to modify it to fit. If you're looking for an intake that we have confimed to fit, please check out the Forge Motorsport Intake instead.

Please Note: The 3.6 has an extra hose coming off the side of factory throttle body hose. Due to this extra hose the OEM throttle body hose must be reused.

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