VW Arteon Intake Info

Chances are that if you're on this page, you're interested in upgrading at least some part of the intake system of your VW Arteon. At NGP, we've replaced just about every single possible part in the intake system on VW's latest Uber sedan. In doing so, we've noted that there are a few differences with the intake system on the VW Arteon in comparison the other MQB 2.0T vehicles.

Please note that this information is only applicable to 2019-2021 VW Arteon models equipped with the EA888 Gen 3 TSI engine. The 2022+ VW Arteon is instead equipped with an all new EA888 Gen 4 TSI engine.

Upgrading the VW Arteon Turbocharger Inlet Pipe

This is a common upgrade on most MQB 2.0T vehicles. However, since the Arteon uses a smaller than average turbocharger inlet pipe, this is an even bigger upgrade for the Arteon than on other vehicles.

This also presents a fitment problem when either installing a new aftermarket intake or replacing the factory turbocharger inlet pipe with an upgraded unit. Because of the smaller factory turbo inlet pipe dimensions, the factory Arteon intake hose will not fit over a larger aftermarket turbo inlet pipe.

Below you'll find a list of the turbocharger inlet pipes that we commonly keep in stock:

Upgrading the VW Arteon Air Intake System

On the other side of the turbocharger inlet pipe is the actual intake. If you are in the process of installing an upgraded turbocharger inlet pipe, you will need to install either a full intake, or at the very least, upgrade the turbocharger inlet hose with a larger unit so that it can fit over the larger turbocharger inlet pipe. Below you'll find a list of intakes that we've found to be compatible with the Arteon.

Full intake systems replace the entirety of the factory intake. Because these intakes replace the rear turbocharger inlet hose, they will require the installation of an aftermarket turbocharger inlet pipe to your Arteon.

Partial intakes only replace the front airbox portion of the intake. We consider these to be "partial" intakes as they do not replace the intake hose section that connects to the turbocharger inlet pipe.  These partial intakes do not require the turbocharger inlet pipe to be upgraded.

Finally, the rear intake section is simply a hose or tube that connects the front airbox to the turbo inlet pipe. From the factory this is a corrugated plastic hose/pipe.  If you are replacing this part on your Arteon, you will need to replace your turbo inlet pipe as well.

We've divided our intake upgrade list into three sections:

VW Arteon Full Air Intake Systems - These require an upgraded aftermarket turbocharger inlet pipe

VW Arteon Partial Air Intake Systems These do not require replacement of the turbocharger inlet pipe

VW Arteon Rear Intake Section - These require an upgraded turbocharger inlet pipe

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