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BFI - Torque Arm Insert - Stage 1 - VW Mk5, Mk6, B6 Passat, CC, A3, Mk2 TT 2009+

Black Forest Industries

Under hard acceleration, the pendulum mount (commonly referred to as the "dogbone" or by VW as the "torque arm") acts to limit rotational movement of the engine - The factory bushings do a satisfactory job, while limiting vibrations, but only during sedate driving conditions. When pushed hard those bushings flex creating a vauge feeling in the engine and gearbox, and adding to the dreaded "wheel hop" phenomenon.

The pendulum mount torque arm insert fills the voids in the stock rubber bushing, making what was a soft rubber bushing with voids into what behaves like a solid mount. With the insert installed, you will notice that throttle response will feel better and your shifts will feel more crisp and defined, especially on manual transmission cars.

These mounts are made to be the stiffest on the market made from the highest quality (90a) durometer polyurethane. Each insert is pressure injection molded to insure a consistent hardness throughout the mount for long life even under hard driving condtions.

Please Note: Care must be taken when installing this insert as the arms can be torn if installed incorrectly. Be sure to use silicone paste or lubricant to properly slide it into place. Do not attempt to insert "dry."

Please Note: Any aftermarket motor mount / trans mount / dogbone mount that is firmer than the OEM mount can increase noise and/or vibration to some level above the stock mount.

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Brand Black Forest Industries
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