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Autotech - Sport 270° Hydro Camshaft - 8v Hydraulic


The AUTOTECH 270° Hydro is the on of the best performing street legal camshafts available. Its idle characteristics have been refined to the point that it idles as if it were a stock cam (15 inches vacuum @ 900rpm) with a mild lope. Yet, its full-range power lets you know that it is definitely not stock! Torque increases over stock appear as low as 2500 rpm, continuing without fail until over 6000 rpm.

Power gains range from 7 to 9 horsepower depending on vehicle and its state of tune. The AUTOTECH Sport 270° Hydro Cam is ground on an OEM chill-hardened billet. SportTuned Valve Springs are not required, but are highly recommended for the best top-end performance. Fits all 1.8L and 2.0L liter engines up to 1995 with hydraulic lifters, including crossflow heads. Lifetime warranty.

  • Lift: 0.449"
  • Duration: 270° at 0.1mm check, 112° lobe center.
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