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APR Short Shifter - VW/Audi Transverse 6-Speed Manual Transmissions

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APR is pleased to present the ultimate fully adjustable Short Shifter System for the 6 speed manual transmission!
The APR Short Shifter System is a comprehensive upgrade to the factory gear shifter assembly and is designed to reduces shifter movement, in all directions, while simultaneously improving shift quality. The system provides fine tuning of front-to-back and side-to-side movements to shorten shifts, counterweight adjustments for enhanced shift quality, and upgrades the weak points of the factory setup to provide years worry free use. The upgrade is simple, easy to install, easy to adjust, and leaves the driver spending less time shifting, and more time accelerating to victory. To APR's engineers, it's the ultimate solution, but to the driver, it just works! 

  • Fully adjustable front-to-back movement

A slotted adjustment track on the shifter lever allows for precise adjustment of the shifter's forward and backwards travel distance.

  • Fully adjustable side-to-side movement

A slotted adjustment track on the relay lever allows for precise adjustment of the shifter's side to side travel distance.

  • Adjustable counterweights

Three stackable counterweights allow the driver to change the overall feel of the system to his or her own preference liking.
Stainless steel spline insert
The unique interlocking stainless steel insert prevents the input spline from wearing out over time. On cast and billet aluminum systems, wear of this part is common, which leads to sloppy shifts, component failure and potentially damage to the transmission.

  • Billet relay lever

The CNC-machined, thick billet aluminum relay lever is responsible for side-to-side movement and adjustment. -This piece replaces the thin, flexible, stamped metal or plastic factory pieces.

  • Billet shift lever

The CNC-machined, thick billet aluminum shifter lever is responsible for front-to-back movement and adjustment. This component houses the counterbalance weights and replaces the factory cast, spline-wear-prone, piece.

  • Easy to adjust

Adjustment is as simple as loosening and tightening the pegs or adding more weights. No disassembly required!

  • Easy to install

The system mimics the factory shape making install simple and relatively easy.

  • All necessary hardware

The system includes new friction material, clips, locking nuts and stainless steel bolts and pegs. It's a complete upgrade and complements the APR Shifter Cable Bracket.

  • Application Guide

The APR Adjustable Short Shifter system is sold as a complete system, or both pieces can be purchased separately. The system is designed to work with transverse 6 speed manual transmissions, commonly designated as the MQ350, O2M or O2Q. These transmission are found on nearly all MK5, MK6 and MK7 platform Golf, GTI, R, Jetta, GLI, MK2/MK3 A3/S3/TT, Octavia, Leon, Cupra, Scirocco and similar vehicles equipped with the the transversely mounted 1.8T, 2.0T, 2.0 TDI and 3.2L VR6 engines.

Please note: This short shifter kit is designed for use with transverse engine applications only. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

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