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APR MQB Carbon Fiber Stage 1 and 2 Intake System - VW Mk7 GTI / Golf R / Audi A3 (2014+) 1.8T / 2.0T TSI


This kit includes: APR carbon fiber intake, carbon fiber stage 2 pipe and silicone coolant hose.

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Main Intake Information:

The APR Carbon Fiber Intake System is an attractive high performance upgrade for the latest 1.8T and 2.0T engines as found in various MQB platform vehicles.

The factory intake design has the foundation for excellent performance, but much of this is sacrificed in an effort to meet other design requirements. With requirements set forth for only supporting factory power output levels, low engine sound levels and long service intervals, there is plenty of room for improvement.

The APR Carbon Fiber Intake System increases performance primarily by improving mass airflow through the system while still proving adequate filtration. Expect greater horsepower and torque through the power band with a more direct and responsive feel upon pressing the throttle. Sounds from the engine and turbocharger are enhanced and some may even experience better fuel economy depending on driving style.

Research and DevelopmentUncommon to most in the market today, APR spared no expenses during the research and development period. For the better part of a year, APR’s Mechanical Engineers created several prototype intake designs utilizing our in house Sterolithography 3D printer and other rapid prototyping techniques. Various filter mediums were tested in conjunction with the new intake designs through simulated models, flow bench analysis, dyno data collection and in real world applications all in an effort to derive the best possible solution.

Carbon Fiber Stage 2 Pipe Information:

The APR Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe replaces the rear factory plastic accordion tube with an attractive carbon fiber inlet, complementing the APR Intake System's aesthetically pleasing design. The intake and inlet hose are joined via a necessary flex coupler to allow for adequate engine movement under use without damaging the intake. The turbo inlet pipe is completely compatible with all factory turbochargers and APR's Stage III Turbocharger System.

Silicone Coolant Hose Information:

The factory coolant hose is designed to be routed over top of the intake system. However, when routed underneath the intake, it's far more astatically appealing. The APR coolant hose replaces the factory unit and routes cleanly under the APR MQB-intake pt# CI100033 and around the APR catch can without kinking or adding extra stress to the mounting points.

Please note: Some vehicles came equipped with a secondary air injection pump. If your vehicle has this system this intake  will require an additional breather filter (available as an option above).

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