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APR - ECU Software - Gen1 TSI 2.0T K04 V3 - Audi A3 / Mk2 TT / GTI / GLI / Passat / CC / Tiguan


NGP is proud to offer version 3 of APR's already great K04 software. With the inclusion of a new 3 bar MAP sensor this new version is capable of even higher horsepower and torque than ever before.

Please note: If you are an existing APR customer with APR software installed to your applicable vehicle, the price of this software is $499.99 (minus any applicable discounts). Discounted pricing is only applicable if you are already an existing APR software customer. Verification will be required prior to finalizing your order.

APR’s K04 Turbocharger System includes APR software, but for customers without APR’s Turbocharger System, who are looking to optimize their driving experience with the best engine management strategy available, APR’s K04 software is available separately. This software requires an OEM Bosch 3-bar map sensor and an OEM Borg Warner K04-64 turbocharger with no modifications to the turbo other than the required fitment aspects. All other requirements and recommendations suggested below should be followed to ensure compatibility.

True to APR’s mantra of Performance without Compromise the days of shredding tires on front wheel drive vehicles are rapidly disappearing thanks to the new Gold Standard in ECU torque management calibration strategies only APR can deliver. Compressor surge is avoided to increase the reliability of the system without limiting the area under the curve typically experienced during a top speed acceleration run. APR’s endless pursuit of perfection has resulted in the most comprehensive 2.0 TSI K04 turbocharger system and tuning package in the world.

Using 93-octane fuel, the APR K04 Turbocharger System produces an astonishing 360 horsepower and 382 ft-lbs of torque. Unlike the factory turbocharger, power stays strong and doesn’t dramatically taper towards the vehicle’s new 7,100 RPM redline. Switching to APR’s 100 octane race fuel mode, peak power and torque climb further to 375 horsepower and 408 ft-lbs of torque. APR’s calibration experts have safely maximized the full power potential of the turbocharger unit, while keeping reliability at the forefront of their calibration strategies.

Works with the following vehicles in manual and Tiptronic / DSG options:

  • Audi A3 8P TSI - FWD & Quattro
  • Audi TT Mk2 TSI - FWD & Quattro
  • VW GTI Mk5 TSI
  • VW GLI / Jetta 2.0T MK5 TSI
  • VW GLI Mk6 TSI
  • VW GTI Mk6 TSI
  • VW Eos TSI - FWD
  • VW Passat B6 TSI
  • VW New Beetle TSI
  • VW Tiguan TSI - FWD & 4-motion
 Stock (As Rated By VAG)**Stock(As Measured By APR)91 Octane93 Octane100 Octane
*It is essential to ensure your vehicle is filled with at least the minimum octane rating for each Performance Calibration when activating the program.
**Measured using 93 octane fuel.
Rev Limiter 6,800 RPM 7,100 RPM 7,100 RPM 7,100 RPM 7,100 RPM
Speed Limiter Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Peak Mechanical Horsepower 200 HP 221 HP 346 HP 360 HP 375 HP
Peak Torque 207 TQ 220 TQ 360 TQ 382 TQ 408 TQ
Max HP Gain Over Stock XXX HP XXX HP 133 HP @ 6,700 RPM 144 HP @ 6,700 RPM 166 HP @ 4,600 RPM
Max Peak Torque Gain Over Stock XXX TQ XXX TQ 143 TQ @ 4,400 RPM 164 TQ @ 4,400 RPM 191 TQ @ 4,450 RPM
Requirements and Recommendations:

Intake System

APR's software is designed to utilize the factory mass airflow (MAF) sensor and housing. The Carbonio Stage I and II Intake System is highly recommended and required to meet the advertised power output.

Exhaust System

An aftermarket high flow downpipe is highly recommended at minimum to deal with the increased exhaust pressure from the K04. An entire turboback exhaust system is necessary to get the highest gains from this kit.

Intercooler System

An upgraded intercooler such as the OEM S3 TSI Intercooler is recommended as a bare minimum to deal with the increased heat soak caused by the K04. We highly recommend installing a larger intercooler core such as the APR FMIC kit in order to get the highest gains from your new turbocharger.


The APR K04 Turbocharger System greatly increases torque over the factory output levels and as such, an upgraded clutch may be necessary to transmit power to the ground. APR highly recommends upgrading the factory clutch to one that suits the operator's intended driving style. For daily driven vehicles, NGP recommends using either the Southbend Stage 2 Daily Clutch & Flywheel Kit (stock-like pedal feel) or the Southbend Stage 3 Daily Clutch & Flywheel Kit (slightly stiffer pedal feel). For those that will be tracking their car regularly, we recommend using the Southbend Stage 2 Endurance Clutch & Flywheel Kit (for weekend track use) or the Southbend Stage 3 Endurance Clutch & Flywheel Kit (better suited to heavy or track only use). For those that take their cars to the drag strip regularly, we recommend using either the Southbend Stage 2 Drag Clutch & Flywheel Kit or the Southbend Stage 3 Drag Clutch & Flywheel Kit.

Exhaust Valve Springs

APR has discovered some engines experience exhaust valve float at high RPM at the advertised horsepower levels due to excessive exhaust backpressure caused by K04’s relatively small turbine wheel. In such cases, APR recommends upgrading the factory valve springs. However, upon request, lower output software capable of producing 321 horsepower and 310 ft-lbs of torque on 93 octane is available.

Dyno Testing

Horsepower and torque were measured in APR’s in-house, Soundmaster dyno cell, using a Dynapack all-wheel dynamometer. Multiple stock and modified runs were conducted and the SAEJ1349 corrected results were averaged together to represent the differences between a stock and APR K04 2.0 TSI. Crank power figures were estimated based on VAG’s factory advertised results.

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