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2.0T Gen 1 TSI Upper Timing Chain Kit - Basic - Includes updated timing chain tensioner

Assembled by NGP

This is the most basic timing chain kit we offer for the Gen 1 TSI 2.0T. This kit includes all of the parts necessary to replace your upper timing chain assembly. We typically install this kit when updating the timing chain tensioner for a customer as the original chains are usually stretched and/or worn by that point in time.

Please keep in mind that these are the bare minimum parts necessary for performing an upper timing chain replacement. If you're interested in replacing all of the timing chain components on your engine, please check out our Super Deluxe 2.0T Gen 1 TSI Timing Chain Kit.

This Kit Includes:

  • 06K109467K - Genuine VW/Audi upper timing chain tensioner (the most updated revision)*
  • 06K109158AD - Upper timing chain assembly (high quality Febi Bilstein or OEM)
  • 06H103483C - Victor Reinz or Elring upper timing chain cover gasket
  • 06H103483D - Victor Reinz or Elring upper timing chain cover magnet seal
  • WHT001760 - Genuine VW/Audi crankshaft bolt**

Optional parts:

In our experience, some of the following parts should absolutely be replaced when doing updating either the tensioner or installing a new upper chain. However, we also realize that not everyone is in the same situation or may already have certain parts in their possession. For this reason we list these parts as optional.

If you are looking to replace both the upper and lower timing chain assembly (which is not normally replaced), please see our super deluxe timing chain kit.

Chain Guides

You might be wondering why all of the other kits online have the guides included and ours is an option. We do not include them by default because several of the Gen 1 TSI 2.0T equipped vehicles that we service in our shop have little to no wear on the chain guides and do not always require replacement. Remember, we actually work on these engines and aren't here to just sell you extra parts you don't need!

If you do have wear on your chain guides, we have included the option to add them to this kit. If your vehicle has above 100k miles and was serviced by the dealership with 10k oil change intervals, there is a good chance that you will need these guides when performing a timing chain service.

If you choose to include the chain guides with this kit, you will receive the following:

  • 06H109509Q - Upper left chain guide rail
  • 06H109469AP - Upper right timing chain guide rail
  • 06H109469T - Upper timing chain guide rail

Please note that we only include the upper chain guides in this kit since it also only includes the upper timing chain assembly. If you are looking to replace the lower timing chain and its guides, please look at our super deluxe timing chain kit which includes both the lower timing chain and related guides.

Lower Timing Chain Cover

While some have gotten lucky and managed to remove this lower cover without damaging it, most of the time it will get bent in the process of removing it. If this cover is flexed the wrong way even in the slightest amount, it will not seal properly and cause an oil leak. More often than not, even if the cover looks ok, it's going to need to be replaced. Save yourself a future headache and replace this part while you're already there. This lower timing chain cover also includes new front main seal already pressed into the cover.

The lower timing chain cover is different depending on your production date:

  • Up to 12/12/2011 - 06H109210AG
  • From 12/13/2011 - 06K109210AF

If you're wondering why the price of the lower timing chain cover is higher than elsewhere online, it's because we include new hardware with the cover. The factory bolts are stretch type and are only designed to be installed once. In our experience, replacement of this hardware is necessary to ensure proper sealing of the lower timing chain cover.


If you select the option above to include new hardware, you'll receive the following in your kit:

  • N91130401 - 2x for upper right guide rail
  • N91130301 - 1x for upper left guide rail
  • N10554005 - 2x for upper chain tensioner

Why isn't the lower chain in this kit?

You've probably seen a lot of kits online include the lower timing chain assembly. Since we perform timing chain services on a daily basis in our shops, we're a bit more knowledgeable than your average online store. From our experience, we know that unlike the upper chain, the lower chain does not typically stretch or irregularly wear. As a result, the lower chain does not usually require replacement. If you are in need of a timing chain kit that includes the lower chain and related guide rails, we recommend checking out our Super Deluxe Gen 1 TSI Timing Chain Kit.

Trust us, we're the experts

When comparison shopping online, check to make sure the company selling the parts you're looking to purchase actually installs them as well. As we have installed many customer supplied timing chain kits over the years, we've noticed that many other companies will often either sell you extra parts that aren't needed (chain guides) or don't include parts necessary to complete the job (crankshaft bolt). Most of the time, this is simply because the company selling the parts is not an actual shop. Unlike many of these other online retailers, we actually install the parts we list online. This means that we will only send you high quality parts that are tried and trusted.

Please note: This kit is intended for use on Gen 1 2.0T TSI engines only. *More than likely, this tensioner is probably the reason that you're performing this service on your vehicle. In our experience, we only trust OEM VW/Audi tensioners as we have seen issues with cheaper alternatives. **This is a stretch bolt from the factory, and only designed to be torqued to spec once. Failure to replace this bolt can lead to catastrophic failure.

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