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2.0T FSI CRZA/CDMA Timing belt kit - VW Mk6 Golf R, Audi TTS - Super Deluxe

Assembled by NGP

Quality OE / OE supplier German deluxe timing belt kit w/ water pump and serpentine belt, timing belt, relay rollers, tensioner roller and coolant. Includes everything you need for a timing belt service on your 2.0T.

Fits all Audi 8J TTS and VW Mk6 Golf R models with either the CDMA or CRZA engine code.

Trust us, we're the experts

Don't be fooled by others offer cheap plastic impeller waterpumps! NGP Racing only uses the best German components such as Contitech belts, GEBA waterpumps and Japanese NTN tensioners and rollers. Unlike a lot of online stores, we actually install these parts and have tried and tested experience with them at both of our full service shops. Don't leave such a major service to chance with cheap parts, trust the experts!


  • Continental Timing Belt - 06D109119B
  • Timing Belt Tensioner Roller - 06D109243B
  • Relay Roller - 06D109244E
  • Deflection Pulley - 06B109244
  • Continental Serpentine Belt - 06F260849L
  • Water Pump with Metal Impeller - 06F121011
  • OE Thermostat - 06F121111H
  • 2 or 3 Bottles of G13 Coolant*


  • Audi TTS 2.0T - 2009-2014, CDMA Engine code
  • VW Mk6 Golf R 2.0T - 2012, 2013 CRZA Engine code

Please note: This kit utilizes a different thermostat than the other transverse 2.0T FSI engines and should not be used to service them. Please tap or click here to check out our super deluxe timing belt kit for BPY 2.0T models.

*Depending on what size bottles are on hand, you may either receive two 1.5L or three 1L bottles of high quality coolant.

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