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034Motorsport StreetSport Engine/Transmission Mount Pair, Billet Aluminum - VW Mk5, Mk6, Audi 8P, 8J

034 Motorsport

034Motorsport's Motorsport StreetSport Mounts for Volkswagen MkV/MkVI Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI & Audi 8J/8P A3/TT 2.0T models are the new standard in ultra-high performance. These mounts are designed with extreme performance in mind, manufactured from billet aluminum and high-durometer rubber, making them virtually indestructible, while maintaining better ride characteristics than polyurethane alternatives. These mounts have a lifetime guarantee regardless of power level applied and type of track racing they are used for.

Motorsport StreetSport Mounts are void-free and fluid-free, eliminating the slop associated with the factory engine/transmission mounts, and are designed to be completely rebuildable with replaceable Density Line rubber bushings. These heavy-duty mounts will result in a moderate increase in noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) transfer into the cabin, as they are designed to drastically reduce engine movement compared to the factory parts, but will introduce less NVH than our TrackSport mounts due to the lower-durometer rubber used. Additional NVH is most noticeable at idle, but once the vehicle is moving, NVH is slightly higher than stock.

Please Note: Any aftermarket motor mount / trans mount / dogbone mount that is firmer than the OEM mount can increase noise and/or vibration to some level above the stock mount.


  • Manufactured from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Anodized for Long Life and Great Looks
  • Extreme-Duty for the Most Punishing Performance Applications
  • Great Solution for Highly-Tuned Stock Turbo Power Levels
  • Replaceable 50 Durometer Density Line Rubber Bushings with Void-Free Construction
  • Significantly Less NVH than TrackSport Version
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Reduced Drivetrain Slop
  • Decreased Engine Movement Under Load
  • More Direct Power Transfer
  • Improved Shifting Feel
  • Complete Drop-In Replacement of Factory Engine/Transmission Mounts
  • Sold in Pairs

The following guide is designed to help customers choose which mount best meets their specific needs.


  • Power levels exceeding Stage 1
  • Car is launched or taken to HPDE or Drag events
  • Car is used on road as a commuter
  • Less NVH is desired


  • Power levels exceeding conventional stages
  • Car is heavily launched at drag strips or only used for track events
  • Ultimate performance and rigidity is desired
  • "Where we're going, we don't care about NVH!"


  • 2006 - 2013 Audi 8P A3 - 2.0T FSI / 2.0 TSI - 6-MT and DSG
  • 2006 - 2013 Audi 8J TT / TTS - 2.0T FSI / 2.0 TSI - 6-MT and DSG
  • 2005 - 2009 Volkswagen Mk5 Eos / GLI / GTI / Jetta - 2.0T FSI / 2.0 TSI - 6-MT and DSG
  • 2010 - 2013 Volkswagen Mk6 Eos / GLI / Golf / GTI / Golf R - 2.0 TSI - 6-MT and DSG
  • 2005 - 2010 Volkswagen B6 Passat - 2.0T FSI / 2.0 TSI - 6-MT and DSG
  • 2009-2017 Volkswagen B6 CC - 2.0T TSI - 6-MT and DSG

Density Line Mounts are manufactured from high-durometer rubber instead of polyurethane for a number of reasons. While vulcanized rubber mounts are more expensive to prototype due to increased complexity of manufacturing and high initial tooling costs, rubber is inherently better than polyurethane as a damping medium for mounts and bushings.

Rubber is able to deal with stress under both tension and compression, while polyurethane mounts rely on the damping medium to be effective only under compression. Rubber is also excellent in shear, where polyurethane is ineffective, making it ideal for applications that apply a shear force to the bushing during articulation. Rubber does not pack and wear like polyurethane does, which ultimately results in a long-lasting part with consistent performance.

Lifetime warranty covers replacing Density Line rubber bushings should they ever wear out, and replacement of any billet aluminum component in the unlikely event of a failure.

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